Friday, November 30, 2007

Chaola the Ugandan Mutant

My first real custom paint job!

I am by no means a Real Head
(リアルヘッド) fan... in fact the set I bought of unpainted figures was my first figures from the line outside of one figure what was part of this year's Super7 Halloween set.

(and my Super7 Halloween set has since been sold off)

Here is the set:

Mutant Chaos on the left, Jinja-R next (which I did not get as it was a random drawing), Akrokaiser with the big head, and Mutant Evil on the right with the antennae. They honestly still don't do anything for me outside of perhaps the Chaos. Perhaps.

Anyway, I busted out the hairdryer and my concentration face and mixed them all up because ultimately I wanted a Chaosman to customize. Here's what I came up with:

The Chaosman:
(Mutant Chaos head on Mutant Evil body)

Caveman Akro:
(Akrokaiser head on Mutant Chaos body and Mutant Evil right arm)

Cell Evil:
(Mutant Evil head on Akrokaiser body and "damaged" Chaos right arm)
I hope to actually paint this one to look like Cell from Dragonball Z

Now that I had my blank Chaosman, time for the inspiration!

AND... drumroll............ the finished product!

they say you are your own worst critic, and right now i am feeling this one is a near-disaster from a technical standpoint

looking on the bright side, though, i practiced a lot of techniques on this figure, so more than anything it was, and will continue to be, a learning experience.

problems i had were
-not mixing the paint to the right consistency... leaving a dusty looking finish on the brown surface
-trouble with masking... definitely need to practice this
-mixing colors. elementary stuff here- brown! and i still seemed to mess it up. wasted a lot of paint being impatient
-hand painting - i need to figure out how to get the brush strokes out. i could start with a better brush.... my bristles were too long i think

if any of you pros have tips on these problems or anything you may notice, please feel free to share. everyone can learn from my mistakes!

anyway... here is attempt #1 at a real custom. after more practice i will probably strip this and try it again.

Monday, November 5, 2007