Thursday, May 28, 2009

It has been awhile

a long while.

Really it is because I haven't bought anything worth writing about or showing off in quite sometime.

I do have plenty to show that I haven't already, so I guess that isn't the greatest excuse. I still haven't painted either. Ruts...arent they the greatest?

Maybe I should start posting some film reviews here... I've been watching tons lately... That could get things going

anyway, onto the photos!

Cap'n Bounch from Bounty Hunter! this is one of those toys that I have been wanting since it first dropped, but never really actively sought it out because of the aftermarket prices. But combine selling some stuff recently along with a nice deal from a fellow skullbrainer, and the good ol Cap'n is in my clutches at last! Hopefully I'll get off my ass and post some better photos and a little of my rambling soon.

Stay tuned for some film reviews too. They are not necessarily kaiju related, but fuck it! It's my blog and I'll fuck it up if I wanna!!