Friday, May 23, 2008

Dirty Hippie Zag

Or maybe it should be called Arts and Crafts Time Zag. All it is missing is potpourri and popsicle sticks.

My second entry for the Super7 Contest.

It is a rainbowed clear v-color hodge podge... red around the clear center belly, radiating out... blue and purple on his back

A little white on teeth and eye to make them stand out a bit.

Silk flowers stuffed inside! And of course the strategically placed daisies in the belly and face behind the eye.

The first shot is of the figure before I painted it but had the flowers in already.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bizarro Zag

This is my first entry for the Super7 Zag Contest.

The DC character Bizarro was the inspiration, although all along the plan wasn't to have it look just like Bizarro. It's more like the negative image of a black and white Zag I guess.

I used a white paint pen to outline all the cracks on the figure... that step took quite awhile. It gave sort of a cool, 3D helix look to the figure with the clear vinyl. I was going to use clear smoke paint, but my bottle was all dried up from Kaiju-Taro :( so instead I used light coats of black inside the figure along the back, hips, shoulders, and head... so the outside stays nice and shiny and the black behind the white really makes the white cracks pop. I left the belly clear also

At first I had left the teeth unpainted, but on good advice, I painted them white.Unfortunately my brush skills suck. Oh well.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gargamel x Super7 x You Zag Contest!

I will be entering this contest. I have 2 clear, blank Zags on the way!

Gargamel x Super7 x You Zag Contest!

The Zags are here and shipping today. They should start arriving at your homes next week. We need to get these out today so we do not have time to make special arrangements to ship these items.

Here is what you need to know:
• All Entries will need to be received at Super7 by Wednesday June 4th.
• Include your contact info with you custom Zag so we know where to return it.
• All entries will be displayed at the Super7 store from Sat 7th until the 28th.
• Enter as many times as you wish.
• There is a $10 entry fee per figure. This entry fee will be applied to return shipping cost.

There winning entry will be made into a real production run by Super7 and Gargamel!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm back!

I hate that when I say that, I instantly think of that annoying Aerosmith song "Back in the Saddle." I have been lazy for FAR too long with my blog here. It has been a nice creative outlet for me in for almost the past year now, but I let it slide amongst other things. So I suppose this is my jump back in. Since I left, I did manage to get married somehow to an incredible lady who manages to put up with my toy collecting, blogging ang silly photostories. The wedding went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have a really great time. I smoked cigars... danced... ate macaroni and cheese. (yep... we had fancy mac and cheese at our wedding!) We honeymooned in mostly sunny Costa Rica. A Gargamel Microman came along for the journey as well. You can see our photos in my flickr set:

That was my first time out of the country!

We flew into San Jose, then were driven to the Arenal region where we stayed at a hot springs resort at the foot of a volcano. Very cool... except for the ride down when I got about as car sick as I have ever been. From there we went to the beach for 3 days and roasted ourselves. We battled insects and wild animals there... and the fact that we had no air conditioning! YIKES.

But it was a fun trip and wedding experience overall... and I even came home to a horrid sinus infection that lasted me almost three weeks! Yay!

Anyway, I am writing this after I have posted some, but I guess all you loyal fans didn't need to know that. I am going to try to be back on here talking about my stuff and rambling as usual hopefully.

Thanks for reading!