Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bizarro Zag

This is my first entry for the Super7 Zag Contest.

The DC character Bizarro was the inspiration, although all along the plan wasn't to have it look just like Bizarro. It's more like the negative image of a black and white Zag I guess.

I used a white paint pen to outline all the cracks on the figure... that step took quite awhile. It gave sort of a cool, 3D helix look to the figure with the clear vinyl. I was going to use clear smoke paint, but my bottle was all dried up from Kaiju-Taro :( so instead I used light coats of black inside the figure along the back, hips, shoulders, and head... so the outside stays nice and shiny and the black behind the white really makes the white cracks pop. I left the belly clear also

At first I had left the teeth unpainted, but on good advice, I painted them white.Unfortunately my brush skills suck. Oh well.

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