Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Underwhelming aftershock

After the giant quake that was my first Celga box (see July 23 entry), there was no way this second one was going to compete. There just weren't as many goodies to unwrap. Plus, there were just underwhelming pieces in here that I wish I just waited for and included in my first shipment.

First we have the Mini Baltan and Zazan figures. I really thought that these figures were going to be bigger than they actually are. They are in the 2.5 to 3 inch range and definitely the epitome of underwhelming in this shipment. I really like the Bullmark sculpts and different paint (like the old school figures) of these pieces, 
but I just wish they were normal sized.
It seems these figures were produced by Bandai a couple years ago... obviously since I now notice that there is a Bandai logo on the tag. I'm a bit slow.

The Zazan actually came with the flattened, preserved remains of the box it came in. I can't tell if these were blind boxed or not.

We'll see if they stick around.

The larger Zazan made by CCP was much better, but I feel like my tastes have changed somewhat since I bought this a few weeks ago. How's that for fickle? 

He smells pretty good, which is always a plus for me, and when you turn him over, the bottoms of his feet look like the soles of combat boots. Interesting...

Gold Satan from Mirrorman was an impulse buy, but I quite like it. I admired it for a few weeks on Super7's website, and when I saw it for Japan price on Yahoo, I had to pull the trigger. It fits nicely with some other random glow-in-the-dark figures I have in the case including the big Diamos you see in my crappy little Celga story from July 23. This piece matches very well in paint style and of course the radioactive glow!

I got these Dadas with the intention to have them custom painted. I must be the only person I know
 with a Dada collection. I'm not sure what it is I like about the character really, just so strange and quirky looking to me.

The one with the three faces on one head is really cool.

Finally there is this awesome guy here... Frankenstein! He's not really Frankenstein... he was just called that in the Japanese movie he was in. He looks more like a caveman. I am going to get this one custom painted at some point also.

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