Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SteCasse King by Romandoh

Here is an old review that for some reason I never posted. I guess I was too lazy to format it and put in the photos. :)


Tear-off blister pack

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Sculpt //2.25 out of 5//:
This is a pretty unique shape as far as figures like this go. He is rotocast, which is a negative, but has somewhat bendy legs which is kind of cool. The fact that it is rotocast helps somewhat however because it is already topheavy as it is with the spindly legs and falls over pretty easily.

The feet on the bottom actually look like headphones with little black holes which is a nice touch.

The faces included are all different and a cool addition as well.

I think the mold could have been done a little better on the back shelf that holds his extra tapes... they fall out very easily. There should have been some sort of lip or something that the tapes could rest behind. Also, the tape compartment doesnt actually hold a tape... the door opens (but doesnt stay closed... it likes to flop open) and the hinges of the door get in the way of a tape going inside.

The tapes themselves are pretty cheap hollow plastic that are open on one side. This fact though does allow the figure to sort of hold the tapes as you can put one side of his hand inside the tape bottoms and balance it that way. The hands are too fat and rounded to actually hold anything though.

Paint //4 out of 5//:
The figure definitely makes up some ground here. To be cheaply made, the paint job is still nice. Even the cheap tapes have an airbrushed look to them. There are gloss and matte areas (like the glossy headphone feet) which adds to the quality of the figure.

Articulation //1.5 out of 5//:
Virtually none. His arms rotate at the shoulders. His legs are kind of bendy and can rotate some at the hips. His head can turn all the way around... and I guess the PLAY door that opens on his chest can count as articulation? Accessories (4 out of 5): Another place where the figure comes out in the positive. SteCasse King comes with 4 different heads (hollow plastic that slide down on a piece of rectangular plastic attached to the body like a sleeve) that all have different facial expressions. It is also cool that he has five tapes that rest on a shelf on his back despite the fact that the tapes can hardly be held by the figure and cannot be placed inside his chest (i'm spoiled by the Transformers toy Soundwave)

Coolness //4 out of 5//:
I still think this figure is quite cool despite its shortcomings. I think it is a very original character design and makes for a neat toy. When he is just standing there he looks very cool and you can change his mood with the 4 faces included. However, if i played with this at all it would lose cool points has he is tough to make stand right and his tapes like to fall out.

Value //3.75 out of 5//:
As far as Romandoh figures go, this guy was a good bargain, but I would still feel like I paid too much were it a figure I bought at Toys R Us or something.

Overall //3.25 out of 5//:
I am probably biased just because I think the character is so cool, but this figure still scores a decent score overall

Good points - Looks cool; good paint; unique design; lots of faces to change out

Negative points - Hard to pose; cheap construction; tapes fall out and dont fit in his chest; fat hands cant hold onto anything Buy this one if you like what he looks like. But if you want to stylistically pose him or play with him much, it probably isn't worth the price.

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