Friday, July 4, 2008

Gorilla by Buta No Hana

I just wrote about Gorilla (ゴリラ) by Buta No Hana (ぶたのはな), and here is his blue brother in arms.

Like the pink gorilla, the blue gorilla is a great, playful sculpt with a wild paint job.

Header //4.5 out of 5//:

Sculpt //5 out of 5//:

Paint //4.5 put of 5//:

Technically I think the paint is on par with the pink gorilla, but I just don't like the color choices as much. Light blue vinyl with dark blue and green spray. I think the green is a little too conrasty with the blues to be as effective. It works on his face fine, but his legs look a little off because of it.

Coolness //5 out of 5//:

Value //2 out of 5//:

Overall //4.5 out of 5//:
Positives: Great paint and color, personality, unique sculpt for a gorilla

Negatives: Pricey for its size, color not as nice as the pink gorilla

Still most definitely a worthwhile purchase if you can find it!

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