Monday, November 9, 2009

Time to get back to it

I know you missed me all my babies!

I'll admit, I stretched myself pretty thin there trying to fill in everything I set for myself in Mexploitation Month. I hope everyone enjoyed the reviews, but know that some of those films were a struggle! That was probably more due to the fact that I was watching them daily.

Anyway, I do love a good theme, so I have decided to review a few films this month with an actor I have only discovered this year and have really grown to like from the few roles I've seen him in.

Mr. Song Kang-ho

Without actively searching him out, in recent months I have seen three films which he starred in, and have several more that he appears in to some degree in my ever-growing to-watch pile.

What better time to watch them than the present, yes?

All of them are Korean, and seem great. I'm obviously not going to be reviewing nearly a film a day as with Mexploitation Month, but let's see where this much abbreviated journey takes us.

Enjoy Kang-ho Month!

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