Sunday, July 18, 2010


No Time To Die
(a.k.a. Hijacked to Hell)

I picked up this little beauty on Amazon recently on the ultra-cheap. I can kinda see why as it's pretty beat up, but for me there is something to be said as well for formal rental VHS tapes. I know that the video quality is most likely better on tapes from personal collections, but am I really in this for quality? It's kind of frustrating to see a slipcase cut up, but having a clamshell that was probably carried from home to home for years is pretty cool as well. This little nomad has found a nice resting place now where it will be loved despite its flaws.

As for the film itself, the low budget artwork on the front is certainly enticing to me. It really screams Indonesia, although this film is German oddly enough. The fact that Chris Mitchum and Barry Prima both are in it says Indonesia also, which is what caught my eye most of all.

And I love that alternate title. HIJACKED TO HELL!

Say it in a loud, raspy wrestler voice.

No idea about the quality of the film itself. It probably blows (it has a whopping 2.8/10 on IMdB), but as I've grown to really love these 2nd and 3rd rate 80s action flicks as of late, I'm sure I'll find something to warrant the $1.50!

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Ty said...

Great site you have here. We will start following you via google.

No Time To Die is a pretty junky movie unfortunately. It is about a cool laser and most of the movie is about talking about the laser.

We barely see any sweet laser action.