Monday, February 28, 2011

Filling gaps - Bolo will return

Working a lot these past couple days... and really want to watch a Barry Prima/Chris Mitchum film tonight before bed, but I haven't forgotten about all you Bolo lovers!

While I am working (and not working) on a review for Chinese Hercules, here is a tribute video from YouTube with some pretty terrible music.

Can I say though, I am pretty fucking pumped to watch him in TC2000 with Billy Blanks


Karl Brezdin said...

'Loaf, I'll be looking forward to your take on the aforementioned Chinese Hercules but I'd temper your expectations for TC 2000. It's about average but you do get to see Bolo explode the fuck out of a watermelon.

Interesting that you mention Mitchum; I'm expecting Lethal Hunter in the mail any day now.

pickleloaf said...

Thanks Karl

And lethal hunter is the shit!