Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hedoro Kun by Bounty Hunter

This is actually the first Bounty Hunter figure I purchased. There is no real reason for it other than it was the first one that became available to me when I went on my BxH buying spree, but it is fitting because Hedorah was in fact the creature that got me hooked on all these Japanese toys in the first place. What I found appealing about Hedorah was the way that different companies would approach his sculpt. It is a free flowing form essentially that has been presented in many different shapes and colors. 

As far as I know, there is no story behind this figure other than it is jsut paying homage to the classic smog monster Hedorah from the 70s Toho Godzilla movie. Many Bounty Hunter toys do just that... they aren't trying to be witty and out there... just cool, simple toys that work and show respect to things that Hikaru Iwanaga holds dear.

Header //N/A//:
The same Bounty Hunter clear plastic bag.

Sculpt //4 out of 5//:
This figure looks like what you would get if you took the OG BxH Kun and caked it with purple candle wax. The figure is actually cast in solid purple vinyl. There are other HedoroKuns around cast in other colors as well.

It still has the familiar Kun proportions with the big belly, lobes on his head, bear trap style choppers, long arms, and squared feet with not much in the way of legs. 

The waist joint could fit together a little better I think, as it is very obvious where it is. The lumps don't really match up. Having the waist able to turn, however, does add to the poseability of the figure. 

Unlike other BxH Kuns, no matter what position it is posed in, this figure seems to maintain its balance very well.

The feature I like the best of this toy are the bejeweled eyes. They really make the focal point of the figure the face. The Hedorah character from the original movie had large, colorful, unusually placed eyes that really stood out. Other companies that have made Hedorah toys have made the eyes a focal point, and Bounty Hunter has done it in a simple and unique way.

Paint //N/A//:
No paint.

Coolness //2.75 out of 5//:

It's not the most eye catching Bounty Hunter toy, and it isn't the most unique. The purple color makes it stand out from its brethren, but it's not the flashiest of the bunch by any means.

Value //4 out of 5//:

The purple version of this toy is not super difficult to find, and can probably still be found for close to retail. At that price, it is a good value.

Overall //3 out of 5//:

Positives: Started off my BxH collection as my kaiju collection started; bejeweled eyes

Negatives: Kind of boring in comparison, waist joint

This is a solid piece and I am glad I have it. It photographs well and adds a little variety in the Bounty Hunter group. I think I would like this figure better in black. The only one I have seen like that is in Iwanaga's personal collection. 

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