Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mescalgon by AnrakuAnsaku

From my favorite low-run vinyl toy producer AnrakuAnsaku comes this frightening figure: Mescalgon

Like Gogamejiras, there isn't much background provided for Mescalgon... actually there is even less from what i can tell. A theory forwarded to me by miami on the message board is that Mescalgon is named as such due to his resemblance to the mescal (or peyote) cactus from which mescaline is derived. Mescaline is a hallucinogenic drug for those of you not in the know. :) Miami thinks that Mescalgon also looks like the opium poppy, and I have to say I can agree there.

Time for fantasy world! Maybe Mescalgon not only has his bulk and most likely some sort of breath weapon, a water based corrosive acid mixture, but also can unleash hallucinogenic chemicals that will send his opponents into a dreamlike state in which Mescalgon can really do some damage.
Those head tentacles could probably do some boring into brains when his opponent is sitting in a lifeless state, dreaming about riding a bike or other such nonsense. As i said in my review a couple months ago about Gogamejiras, this company makes some pretty unique and old style monsters... and all to me have an almost kewpie doll feel to them in a way with their outstretched arms and big bellies.

The artwork for Mescalgon is on this print here on the lower left as well as some of their other beasts.

Header //3.75 out of 5//:
While the header card does reflect the art style of Anraku, it also seems just as much an ad for MonStock, the store where many of these figures are sold. It is a heavier stock paper than the Goga header and overall looks more professional. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I liked the homemade "zine" feel of the Goga packaging and thought it fit the style of the toy better.

Sculpt //4.25 out of 5//:
Mescalgon is ultimately a simpler piece in its design than the Gogamejiras. It has fewer "moving" parts as only the head is articulated.

The sculpt is what appears to be a plant like head and a flying sea creature body. The head even could be seen as aquatic as the tentacles on top look like they could be from an octopus. I like the look of this figure quite a bit.

With all the other Anraku toys I have seen, the surface texture is phenominal. Rarely can you find plain, smooth surfaces, and these textures vary as you move to different body parts. The small scales worked into the large scales on the chest are great, and the ridges down the back add even more variety without being overwhelming. Even the eyeballs have dimension on this toy. It really shows great attention to detail.

I only wish there was somehow more stuff to pose outside of turning the head.

Paint //5 out of 5//:
I have no problems with the paint on this figure. The base is orange vinyl and the paint applied compliments/contrasts this color as it should. The application shows the highlighting areas such as the top of the head/face and torso as vintage figures would have been painted. There is even hand painted areas such as the eyes and teeth.

The head tentacles, which to me are an important part of the sculpt, are given added dimension by the under stray of the red to match the top of Mescalgon's head.

The blue and metallic gold farther down on the figure work well together and offset the head well. The streak down his back looks really nice.

Coolness //4.5 out of 5//:
Anraku toys are ones that, if you are into this genre, you just feel cooler owning. It is very unique like the Gogamejiras (and the Hogan Dako that I will write about soon! :) ).

I gave it a 4.5 because I still think the painted Gogas are cooler and I don't want both to be perfect! haha

Value //2.5 out of 5//:
Unless you are on the magical list, you're going to pay probably about double what these toys retail for. While I got a much better deal on this than the Goga, it was still pricey.

Overall //4.25 out of 5//:

Positives: Great paint and texture, unique character, bulky, photographs well

Negatives: Pricey, no poseability other than a turning head

Mescalgon was another one of those toys that sort of fell in my lap as Anraku toys seem to do. The texture and now color application are both some things that will keep me coming back to this company.