Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions - 2008 revisited

Well, a year came and went... and as with most people, I met essentially zero of my resolutions from 2008!

2008 Resolution #1) Control my spending on stuff I don't really need. Reign in those costs!
Well, here I got the closest. I still bought many things I did not need... but at the same time had a mini nervous breakdown about having too much shit around
when I cleaned out/reorganized everything back in June. Ever since then, I more or less have been forced to curb spending due to lack of money. Maybe due to the economy and $4+ gas, maybe do to prices going up... but Celga hasn't been as friendly to me the last half of the year heh.

2008 Resolution #2) Keep a sketchbook/journal.
This lasted about a month. I did actually draw and write some, but alas, I am even a perfectionist in my own head and my shitty drawings and ranting writing was embarrassing for even me to read/view. So like any good self hating perfectionist, I just quit so I don't have to face failure.

2008 Resolution #3) When sketching/writing, stop erasing so goddamn much!
When I did draw, I did so with a pen, so maybe I met this one?

2008 Resolution #4) Work on more art.
Nothing. Zero. Nada.

Does entering (and winning!) the S7 Custom Zag Contest count?

2008 Resolution #5) Lose 15 pounds.
I gained 10. Great.

2008 Resolution #6) Become a big brother in Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Not sure what happened here... I wasn't even close. I'll just blame it on the economy.

2008 Resolution #7) Take a martial arts class.
This one I can blame on the economy... i.e. my lack of disposable income. Nothing at all happened here.

As promised, here is my update! I will follow soon with new resolutions to not reach! What's the point, really? Just to make myself feel guilty?

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