Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions part deux - 2009

OK, maybe I can keep the resolutions obtainable this year. Not that they were unobtainable last year, but I'm just trying to make myself feel better so shut it.

1) Lose at least 10 lbs.
Serious about it this time around. My wife wants to lose weight by March for a cruise, and she has challenged me to lose some with her. Hopefully I can maintain that momentum and lose a little more than that. I don't plan on joining a gym or anything, but I think some simple exercising at home (and maybe I'll pick up a Wii Fit copy if it is ever not sold out!) will help out. Also gotta avoid the easy candy at work... it's EVERYWHERE!

2) Get back on that sketchbook.
This list is feeling the same as last year. Boring, huh?

3) Oil paint.
Sometimes when I am falling asleep I have the weirdest images that float in my head. For example, the other night I saw in my pre-REM haze a red tyranosaurus rex with a blonde wig standing between 2 green Roman columns.

I have also wanted to paint scenes from my dreams for quite sometime. If they look shitty, oh well... no one knows what was in my head anyway, right??

4) Get back to custom painting toys.
I have a ton of blanks I have stocked up on in the past couple years that are itching to be painted horribly... and I am just the man to do it.......maybe.

I have a Gargamel Pinwheel I have plans for to take part in a little
Skullbrain competition, so we'll see! Dada here I come... I just need to figure out a better way to mask that paint!!

5) Work on my debt.
I have faith I can keep this one.

The fans demand more. ALL 3 OF YOU!

Maybe not, but I have a ton more toys that will otherwise just sit there, so I need to take them out, appreciate them all over again, then write more drivel here all for you loyal readers! See the sacrifices I make for you?

Love me...please?

I think that's enough for now. Nothing too unreasonable, right? So I'll be back in 2010 to whine about how I didn't keep any of them, so stay tuned!

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