Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet sweet mail day

I definitely wasn't expecting so much fun in one day! And you, the lucky reader, gets to mobile blog read along with me!

Envelope and little box contained lots of inexpensive D&D miniatures. Yes...i'm a nerd. Trying to match up some minis to new 4e characters is fun. Air genassi swordmage coming up!

The medium box was a sweet buy from another member of First the deliciously cheap Marusan Satan Beetle. Fun!

Then a completely transparent Medicom (?) Sharkman suit that should go nicely on my KWII clear cyborg.

The nerd continues.

The final big box is from everyone's favorite...Celga! Since I had this one shipped via SAL instead of the very prompt EMS, I actually forgot about it. So it was like Santa just walked in with this one!

It contains the set of Marusan originals that I wrote about a few weeks ago. I'm stoked about the clear, beer bellied Ultraman ripoff in particular. (He's at the top right)

Great mail day!

1 comment:

REdYOdA said...

Damn! You got a clear Ultra Ace...I've been looking for one forever! How did I miss it?


^^ too.