Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet movie intros

Opening credits
Opening sequences
Whatever you'd like to call them

I saw this topic on the message boards over at popsyndicate
I thought I would show my thoughts here and ask if anyone has any they would like to share here as well!

I love these three intros - two from films from last year, one from a film from 1974

The first is 2009's Watchmen
sorry, I cannot embed this one

Then 2009's Zombieland

Then Enzo Castellari's 1974 film Street Law

see a trend?

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The Gentlemens Guide To Midnite Cinema said...

*this is Will*Castellari ALWAYS opened his films with great flair and style. Especially the Euro-Crime ones. I love the opening for The Big Racket with the Red Light going on and off, on and off.. Hell, even the opening for Bronx Warriors is very stylish, if a little disco-y