Sunday, June 10, 2007

Akuma Shogun by Romandoh

Packaging: Not sure what it is called, but it is a package with a plastic blister front that slides off the cardboard back. I'm not a real fan of the Romandoh packaging in general... not much as far as ingenuity or artwork, but at least I can get the figure out this time without destroying the package

Sculpt (4.5 out of 5): MASSIVE. This guy is solid and weighs a ton.

Some cool detailing with his hair hanging in front of his armor (as opposed to just being part of the overall mold, and some nice work with the horns on his head, wing type things on his forearms and the plates on his knees. There are pieces of black armor hanging from his waist down the sides of his legs that are molded from a softer rubber as opposed to the firm vinyl making up everything else

The figure looks menacing and hulking... not super detailed overall (probably due to the fact that he is wearing armor and isn't showing off all muscle, but I particularly like what his hands look like. Nice shape there

Not perfect as you can see some jagged seams, but that is commonplace on these figures it seems.

Paint (4.5 out of 5): Great, airbrushed paint job. The armor is a great silver color but still has the shading under muscles and ridges. Cool fade on his forearm wings from deep red to orange, and a similar effect on his knee plates.

The figure is pretty much completely glossy except for the black tights and waist armor which have a mette finish giving a little contrast... always a plus for me

Articulation (3 out of 5): Not a ton of articulation on this figure. His head turns, shoulders rotate and raise up and down, elbows bend and biceps rotate, hips bend slightly (but this motion is hindered by the waist armorknees bend and ankles bendI think he has all the points that most Romandoh figures have, however the joints generally feel loose, which is tough for this character since his parts are all so heavy. so if i am not careful, he will fall over because his knees don't hold, or his arms will not stay upright because the elbow straightens out

Accessories (1.5 out of 5): Only comes with the golden mask that you can actually replace his normal head with. The head is 100% easier to replace than a rotocast figure's extra head would be

Coolness (4.5 out of 5): He is competing with Neptuneman and Ashuraman as my favorite figure. Evil, heavy, shiny, sweet clawing hands... this guy is going to look awesome whereever i decide to put him.

Value (3 out of 5): As far as these figures go, definitely one of the more valuable ones. You pay just a bit more, but he easily doubles the weight and even height of most figures I have seen in this line.

Overall (4.5 out of 5): Lovin it

Good points – Sweet paint with nice gloss, Super tall, smells good

Negative points – weight can be an issue with posing and standing due to loose joints Proud to own this guy... and I like it better than the red version that costs more... partial to the silver metallic looking armor i suppose

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