Thursday, June 7, 2007

Geronimo by Romadoh

Company: Romandoh

Packaging: same ol' tear off the blister with the exact same card as all the other Romandoh Kinnikuman figures
Where Can I Buy It?: Bought this one on eBay

Price Range: $4!!! This was a lucky find though...

Sculpt (4 out of 5): At first glance online, I thought this figure was rotocast. I think it is the super gloss paint on it that made me think that. The solid figures in my experience have had a softer paint application overall. Anyway, it turns out that the figure is actually solid and has a sculpt that looks similar to the muscles on my Terryman figure.

This figure looks great I think. His seams are not as visible as some of the other solid figures, and his overall appearance definitely looks Yudetamago.

The two different faces are sculpted well and are unique from one another. The heads fit snugly but are still easy to switch out as the peg left on the shoulder is just the right size.

His hands have 2 small holes in the palms so that he can hold his 2 tomahawks... the tomahawks have small pegs on the handles that fit in there. They like to pop out though... I would have liked to have seen hands that could grip the tomahawks, or even better hands molded with tomahawks that you could just change out. No such luck...

Well balanced figure that stands and poses with ease

Paint (4.5 out of 5): Great paint job on this figure. I really like the super gloss on his skin, and the skin tone is cool and different. Good shading on the muscles.He has fur on his calves and forearms that is painted with a matte finish and is shaded as well.No problems I see with the paint.

Articulation (3.75 out of 5): Same articulation as all the other solid cast figures. Shoulders, biceps, elbows, head, hips, knees and ankles. Exactly the same as Terryman and Kinnikuman from my other reviews. The joints do not stick, but are definitely tight enough to hold a pose. You are limited only by the design of the joints themselves.

Accessories (4 out of 5): Comes with quite a bit for a character that seems kind of second string. He has a headdress that fits around his forehead like a hair band would fit over your head. It is just a little small and likes to work its way up off the top of his head, but it isn't too bad.He has two tomahawks that go with each hand. since there are pegs on the handles facing one direction, there is one made specifically for his left hand and one for the right.He also comes with a spare head... one head has a slight smile and one eye showing and the other has his classic hair in front of the eyes look with his mouth open waiting for the Apache Yell in someone's face. Take that Sunshine!

Coolness (5 out of 5): Not sure what it is exactly, but something I just find very appealing about this character. He looks awesme with his gloss and the fact that he stands out from most of the other figures... especially with the headdress and tomahawks.

Value (5 out of 5): If you pick this up for this price, you are getting a great deal. I have paid 30 to 40+ for figures very similar to this that didn't have the extra accessories.
Overall (4.5 out of 5): He snuck in and became one of my favorite Romandoh figures!

Good points – cool paint; nice accessory collection; different look; weighty, solid cast

Negative points – tomahawks slip from hand holes, headdress slips off top of head

A great buy (especially at this price). I honestly expected this figure to be on par with Sneagator (not quite Beauty Rhodes), but it suprised me completely. Definitely look for this one if you are interested.

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