Friday, April 16, 2010

Actionfest: Day One

It wasn't really a day so much as an evening, but either way, Thursday, April 15, 2010... tax day number who knows what and Actionfest day number one is in the books.

Centurion was the only screening this evening, but it was a fun gory time. I reviewed it already in case you missed that.

It took me forever it seemed to drive here today. A 30 minute drive to work daily seems excessive to me, so four hours alone in a car was borderline torturous. Luckily I had some GGTMC (http:/ and some Showshow ( to pull me through.

I've lived in NC all my life and never been to Asheville, so this was already a first for me. I've also never been to a real film festival, nor have I stayed in a hostel while travelling.

I wasn't sure what to expect there, but the place is super nice despite being over a crowded bar. I have a nice private bed and a locker. Anyway, I know you come here to read this horseshit.

Actionfest is being held at Carolina Cinemas Asheville. It's a great venue... a remodeled old multiplex I think. The interior looks great and the staff were all super nice. Maybe it was my badass VIP badge.

The festival was opened by two dudes in plastic Roman armor and then by Chuck's brother Aaron Norris. He looks exactly like Chuck (or is it the other way around?) Only without the beard.

The movie was cool, then there was a little gathering at the upstairs lounge. I wasn't expecting sofas and a projection screen! And some good food (vegetarian meatballs made from eggplants... never had that) while watching Missing In Action 3 and mingling a bit.

Since I am a broke motherfucker I went to a local grocery store before heading back to the hostel to buy some snacky food I could stash in my car. I had a hilariously sad peanut butter sandwich while standing in a parking deck. Ahhh class

It was a cool first day and cool to be at the first Actionfest ever. I hope to see it grow in the future, especially so I can bitch about kids these days and how in my day I had to eat peanut butter and white bread out of the back of my car just to be able to finally see The Good, The Bad, and The Weird on the big screen.

If by totally random chance you are in the Asheville, NC area this weekend, stop by the Carolina Cinemas and take part in the fun.

Now I go back to obsessively trying to plan my viewing schedule.

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