Monday, April 12, 2010

Actionfest here I come

Haven't posted a whole lot lately because really I haven't watched much. I was preparing a post comparing Stan Hansen's appearance in No Holds Barred to Terry Funk's appearance in Road House... but just not really feeling inspired.

Thought about writing a review of Road House (finally watched it)... but again...

I've watched a few flicks lately, but I've just been that particular type of bored that one becomes from time to time where the thought of every single thing to do sounds boring as well or just would take too much effort


This weekend I am driving up to the mountains of North Carolina... to Asheville... to attend the world's FIRST action movie film festival!

I'm totally slumming it... staying in a hostel and eating peanut butter sandwiches out of my car... I'll probably have the shits for days.... but I'm looking forward to cramming as much over the top action I can into the 3+ days of the festival.

I'm not sure that I will be taking along a laptop, but I will try my best to take some photos and give at least a few blog updates with my cell phone. Looks to be a fun time... maybe I'll find that inspiration to get off my ass finally.

The fucking 4 hour or so drive there is already hurting my brain though.


Matt-suzaka said...

So much fun! You really need to bring a bottle of oil to keep your tits looking tight, though.

Naked Eskimo said...

an action.......fest? holy fuck me gently with a chainsaw. I just filled the cup. I need as many details as you can spare bro. I had no idea such an animal existed.