Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Castellari Month comes to a close

I had a lot of fun this month skimming the Enzo G. Castellari catalog, and I feel like I learned quite a bit at least about his style and his passion for film making. I hope you loyal 3 or so readers enjoyed my reviews. Please feel free to comment anywhere, make some suggestions, tell me why I am wrong.

Castellari may not be the most original storyteller and director of all time, but like some of the great film makers, he has a passion for what he does that is evident in hearing him speak, and a reverence for all of the source material that he likes to pull from. An obviously well-read guy, he is proud of his work, and rightfully so.

Although I believe Mr. Castellari and I may differ on some philosophical things, namely the role of violence in culture, I respect him even more after seeing his wide variety of stories this month. He puts himself into his work, films that many may overlook as just popcorn movie time, and enjoys doing so... and it shows.

The films I watched were technically well done and a lot of fun for the most part. There's a ton more I would love to still see that I have not already. Some look great, some maybe not so great, but still fun regardless...

Day of the Cobra
Shark Hunter
Heroin Busters
Eagles Over London
The Big Racket

Yeah, there's a lot.

I've found in Castellari's work a heightened respect and admiration of Franco Nero as an actor as well. I was already a fan, but seeing what I have now and Nero's range... and hearing about his relationship with Castellari and how Castellari is so fond of him... it made me all the more interested in his work. I'll surely be checking out more of him as well.

So there you have it! I probably could have crammed a few more flicks in there, but all fantastic things must come to an end.

Check out all his credits on his IMDB page

And his official website


Matt-suzaka said...

His official site is flat out awesome! I love the greeting he gives in different languages when you first get to the site!

pickleloaf said...

and how about those tight pants in the top photo?