Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dadapeto by Paul Kaiju

Alien Tepeto by M1Go was a figure I bought pretty early on when I started my kaiju craze this year. He was pretty random, but I never really got into him all that much... he's no Dada afterall.

Oh but wait.....

Enter Paul Kaiju

I thought that if Tepeto looked more like my Dadas that he would fit in a bit better. It turned out really nice I have to say.

BEFORE (see how sad he was?)

AFTER (pic snagged from Paul)

My only instructions were to use Dada (and to a lesser extent the Balzac Skullmerry figure) as inspiration and I really would like to see the hard black and white contrasty scheme maintained. 

I think Paul did a great job! The zebra stripes look like they were an absolute bear to mask out, and they are different enough from Dada's geometric pattern to make the figure unique among the similar pieces. He has nice shading underneath folds in the clothing. Unfortunately the paint got a scratch in it somewhere before it got to me, but at least this is hidden when he is standing with others.

The aptly named Dadapeto fits in nicely now on my shelf with other black and white/humanoids! 

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