Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The first Celga haul

Yesterday I posted the lame story with the stuff I got from my first Celga shipment ever. Here is a photo of all the stuff together. I couldn't fit Kinnikuman Super Phoenix into the story.

Lots of vintage Tiger Mask figures on the right. These guys are 30+ years old! They have become sort of my more-vintage Kinnikuman. Now I just need to find the show to watch I guess!

Bemon is on the bottom... he's not a Celga (neither is the glowy mini-Zagora), but he arrived the same day so they are part of the biggest mail day for me! Bemon grew on me over time, and I had to drop a big chunk of change on him, but it ends up he's one of my faves. Plus, it has gotten me drawing again. I guess I just needed a free form to focus on.

I think I'm done with Romandoh figures for the most part... these two large ones were some of the more difficult ones to find for me over the past few months (mainly because I hadn't used Celga) but I don't really display them or anything. They are for my love of the series mainly. Just one of those things that I like owning but I don't necessarily need everyone else to see them!

I like the two random mini figures OK, but they don't really fit in with my collection. We'll see. 

The glow Dada is part of a growing collection of this unique little set of mine. I will probably leave him unpainted and have a set of blanks customized by someone.

And Norman is cool, but I don't see much a future between us.

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