Monday, July 23, 2007

Glowy-Z and Mr. B-M help uncover a rather large mail day!

Mysterious crates.......

A rustling comes from the pinnacle of the cardboard mountain... and a curious head peeks out

Z: "UGH what a trip! It's hot in there! Hmmm... looks like I got some company here... Lemme see...."

Z digs inside giant piles of packing to uncover an interesting looking companion...

Z: "Oh man you look like shit! (badum dum!) Are you OK? Speak to me!"

B-M: (in a slow, muffled voice) "Juuus ggget mmmmmeee ouuuuttaaaaa heeeereee, ....ppppaaaaaaaal"


Z: "Looks like I just got to you in time. I'll be you are glad to be rid of that bag there, huh?
.....Ew do you smell something?"
B-M: "NNNoooope IIIIII doooon't sssmmmeeeeell nuuuutthhiiiiin"
Z: "My name's Glowy Z. I glow in the dark!"
B-M: "Orrriiiiiggiiiinaaal nnnaaaame theeeerrrreee! Iiiii'm Beeeee-Emmmmm"
Z: "B-M, eh? interesting...."

Z: "Well Mr. B-M, I guess we better see if anyone else is here with us. Let's get started on this big crate down here. What does this say?"


Z: "Celga... Never heard of em. Ah well it'll be a surprise. Let's get busy."

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