Monday, July 23, 2007

Glowy Z and Mr. B-M start digging through stale, indecipherable sheets of newspaper when it happens...


Mr. X: "It is I, Mr. Grieves! Here with my well dressed assistant simian Crackity Jones! My friends call me Mr. X. You haven't happened to see a man in a tiger mask around would you? I owe him something..."

B-M: "Nnnnnooooo, ssssoooorrrryyyyy Miiiissssstteeeerrrrr EEEXXXXXX. IIIII jjuuuussss..."

Glowy Z interrupts: "What my lumpy friend here wants to say is we just got here ourselves and thought we'd dig around and see what we could find."

Mr. X: "Well, Crackity and I are the splendid hosts of a most spectacular party inside! We may be packed tightly and wrapped in this FUN bubble wrap, but it has been tea, cucumber sandwiches and general rowdiness for days in there! Allow me to introduce you to these rabble rousers... Crackity, could you help these fellows out, please?"

Z: "Whoa! It's that kinda party, huh?"
B-M: "Nnnnniiiiiiiccceeee ccccoooorrrrsssseeeet"
Z: "It ain't so nice from my vantage point! Blech"

Viking: "My name is Viking Kid! By Valhalla, it is great to be on steady ground once again. I come from the land of ice and snow, you know!.... (just ignore the outfit... it's old)

Mr. X: "And may I introduce you to the rest of my closest friends."

Mr. X: "We have Golden Mask on your left."

Golden: "I will eat your soul."

Mr. X: "Indeed... Miracle 3 just back there..."

Miracle: "My name is on my shirt!"

Mr. X: "Why yes it is, Miracle. Very observant of you. Then we have Gorilla Man."

Gorilla: "I wanted Captain Caveman but someone told me that was already taken."

Mr. X: "Lion Mask is hiding back there. It seems he has lost his boots.... and he has an inferiority complex because people just prefer tigers to lions it seems."

Lion: "I'm so ashamed."

Mr. X: "As you should be. Mr. Mummy is next. I call him Wraps McGee."

Wraps: "Mmm mm hmm hmm mm mm mmmm"

Mr. X: "Ha ha never an argument from that one. And lastly we have Skullstar. Definitely the bees knees when it comes to names!"

Skullstar: "Goldy Mask stole my line."

Mini Skullstar: "Don't forget me!!! Don't forget me!!!"

Z: "Bwa hahahahahahaha. I thought I was a pussy!"

Mini Skullstar: "I'll eat your soul!"

Mr. X: "I could have sworn there was one more of us"

Vampy: "I vant to suck your blaaahhd...... before i bodyslam you!"

B-M: "Tthhhhaaaaatttt iiiissssss nnnnooooottttt aaaaa goooooddd iiiiidddeeeaaaa....#


Vampy: "BLECH your blahd tastes like ze sewer!"

Everyone: "HAhAhAhaha... Oh Vaaaampy"

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