Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Abominable Smogsquatch

Another commission piece from Paul Kaiju
The palette:
The inspiration:
The finished product! (photo snagged from PaulKaiju)
Cool as ice!
I picked up this Gargamel Hedoran on eBay awhile ago for much cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else... I believe it was overflow stock from kaiju-taro that makes its way to the bay on occasion. I never really cared for it all that much, honestly. It was my first Gargamel figure, and I was excited to get it at a great price, but I guess the yellow never really did it for me.

I was sending Paul the Tepeto to change into a Dada clone, so I sent this along for the ride with the photo of the Bumble the abominable snowman from the old stop-animation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon. 

I got this paint scheme back and I think it turned out great! There is nice fading between colors on the belly especially, and I like his pink mouth. Glad to see the trademark Gargamel shiny eyes stayed also. It is a little hard to notice, but there is a dusting of glitter applied to certain parts of him as well to really give it a frosty appearance. 

A little yellow peeks through in place... particularly around the joints, but putting white on such a bright base can't be very easy. 

Here it is worked into the Detolf shelf:

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