Monday, October 26, 2009


Original Title: La Venganza del Sexo
Year: 1971 (1967)
Director: Emilio Vieyra, Jerald Intrator
Writer: Emilio Vieyra
Genre: Horror/Sexploitation

This movie is about a doctor who kidnaps people, couples who are having sex. He takes them to his mansion where they are being kept as prisoners. He injects his subjects with a substance to 'enhance' their sexual abilities. The curious doctor then forces the abducted people to have sex. While they are making love he drains a fluid from them. He needs this to prevent himself from being transformed into a monster. He gets his instructions from a talking brain.


My brain hurts.

And I love that synopsis.

The Curious Dr. Humpp has to be one of the oddest films I have seen. It is like an experimental college art film gone very very awry.

A little disclaimer, this film is not Mexican. It is actually Argentinian, and according to IMDb, it never was released in Mexico> I am totally breaking Mexploitation Month standards! Why am I placing it here? Well, I don't know. I watched it, and it had a very similar vibe to much of the cinema I have partaken in as of late. I just had to write SOMETHING about it after seeing it, plus I wanted a bridge from 60s Mexi-horror to the 70s, and this title came up in my searches in a way.

My headache....vanishing.....

There's so many tits your eyes will go crossed. So I was looking out for Mattsuzaka (Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!) in reviewing this as well! Enjoy, my friend.

So yeah, this film. This film is a pitiful vehicle for delivering copious amounts of painfully awkward sex. LOTS of it. Yes, there is nudity to spare, but sex in this film is limited to nipple fondling, heavy breathing, and rubbing one another presumably to the point of chafing.

Even if that bottom is a fuller one, it will get a rubdown in Chateu du Humpp!

I have read that Dr. Humpp has 7 minutes of footage cut from the original Venganza del Sexo, but then 17 minutes of "fucking" added back in. Take this crop/random addition factor and mix in the hilarious English dub script and you have a recipe for DsIuScAcSeTsEsR.

Wow, I can't believe that typing gimmick actually worked. That was a total crapshoot.

I am letting myself off easy with these oddball films, as the acting and directing largely don't require much discussion. They generally are what they are. While this film is a trainwreck on many levels, something about this story is intriguing and keeps you watching. I'm not sure if this can be attributed to Emilio Vieyra or not, at least not his direction, or if it is because sometimes my brain functions as an 11 year old who can't believe there are MOVING boobies on the screen! TEE HEEEE!

The "actors" in the film are all pretty much good looking people. You have a very eclectic collection of sex slaves that Dr. Humpp collects, from a drunken sailor, to the hot blonde obsessively rubbing one out, to the pot-smoking hippies who do nothing but have orgies and get high, to the sultry stripper. No one is really all that painful to look at. This is a good thing, because if you had to watch and listen to them actually acting you might shove screwdrivers into your ears.

Couldn't they have cast lesbians that at least looked like they wanted to kiss one another? That chick on the left is making the same face you would make as you were kissing a piece of dog shit on a bet.

As all these groups are kidnapped by a plastic faced "automatron" (L-O-L), drugged with high doses of aphrodisiacs (L-O-L), and left to bang uncontrollably, another hot nurse comes in and extracts some fluids from the piles of chafed flesh that Dr. Humpp will later drink. This fluid helps him stay young or not melt or something (L-O-L).

Watch in amazement as his age spots disappear in a special effects sequence a 3 year old could have filmed!

The the same time, Humpp believes he can use the power of sex to run the world or something. At least that's what his journal would have us believe.
Science will soon be able to harness sex, the most potent force known to humanity. To increase the mental and physical prowess of coming generations, the virility of men must be increased, and they must be mated with women of insatiable sexual appetites.
And all of this is being orchestrated by a ridiculous looking brain that floats in fizzy water with flashing lights. This brain is probably the best actor in the film, as Dr. Humpp himself (Aldo Barbero) and his hot blonde yet slightle brainwashed assistant (Susana Beltrán) both compete for the most robotic acting, and that is even in comparison to Humpp's horde of SPEECHLESS automatrons.

My brain hurts again.

Ahh, there we go.

It was a creepy performance by Barbero, but so strange in how emotionless and really just bad it was. There are several times he has outbursts, but largely the character is played straight-faced and automatron-like. Yeah, that was a stretch... I just love that word automatron.

And their sexy sweaters aren't bad either.

This film is full of strange camera angles, tricks with fading focus and playing with two images at once. Some of it works, and a lot of it doesn't, but what it does is really add to the trippy feel of it all. Add to this the jazz-injected score that plays throughout much of the film and it makes for a unique experience.

I really think this film would be a very unique experience if viewed under the influence so to speak.

While nothing I saw was groundbreaking, the filming technique employed helped to keep my interest up when I wasn't laughing or looking at tits.

The Curious Dr. Humpp is packed full of very strange but interesting visuals and ideas that all just revolve loosely around an awkward softcore porn base. It very well could have been written as it was being filmed, but I guess there's no way to know for sure. Much about this film is pedestrian, but I couldn't help but watch it all the way through.

You'll keep from being bored just wondering what the fuck is going to creep up next.

Moderate to low recommendation if you're looking for an entertaining film.

Much higher if you're on the hunt for a trippy, quirky film.... with nekkid people... and terrible makeup... and laughable dialogue... and nekkid people...

Score: 5.25 / 10


Matt-suzaka said...

Well, I am all about the nekkids and the terrible dialogue, so I would love to see this! Good looking out with the boobies quota...I will not be able to walk for at least ten more minutes!

pickleloaf said...

so much closeup nipple fondling you will fill up in a heartbeat!

that last screenshot with the creep playing the plastic guitar says it all about this film. so weird