Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stache Battle: Round 2

So a few weeks ago, I started the stache battle with a mustachioed idol Mr. Franco Nero


Well, no one commented or said anything, but I'm still gonna update it anyway! So fuck you in your stinkholes!

Oh I can't stay mad at you for long! MWAH!

The Loaf has made a great comeback! I took this photo today after an extended and stressful grooming!

Behold the Nerostache!

I could really only hope for a draw in this fight, but I think I'm getting the shape down pretty well. I left a little too much of the hogan hang over on the sides. I'll have to trim that up.

Until next time, Mr. Nero!


Emily said...

Color me impressed.

pickleloaf said...


jayandcourtney said...

it is impressive ... now you need to come your hair the side and put on a 3 piece suit

pickleloaf said...

haha true
i dont own a 3 piece though. hmmm

will a members only jacket suffice?

Matt-suzaka said...

HA! I was gonna say that the sides were a little too long, but you brought it up and called it the fucking "hogan hang over!" Brilliant!

And, I can't decide which photo I like staring more, at while in the act!

pickleloaf said...

you mean me or nero?

or me and young me? haha

the hogan hang over was unfortunate, but wouldnt it have been hilarious if i actually printed out a photo of nero and used it as reference as i shaved?

Matt-suzaka said...

All three to be exact!