Friday, October 9, 2009

This looks fun

I saw Tommy Davidson plugging it a couple weeks ago then doing his awesome Sammy Davis Jr. haha

Black Dynamite!

"Drives a $5000 car and wears a hundred dollar suit!"

"I am smilin'"

Thanks to Large William of The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema for pointing out the suit/car reference from the trailer to trouble man. I highly suggest checking out that flick if you haven't seen it. Well made blaxploitation with a phenomenal Marvin Gaye soundtrack.

Ever wondered where the name Mr. T came from? Look no further


jayandcourtney said...

i sooo want to see that

bigwilly0469 said... Pay attention to the voiceover in the first 12 seconds.. FANTASTIC, criminally under-appreciated blaxploitation film. We covered in in an early episode..

pickleloaf said...

oh hell yeah! trouble man was hot shit

evil pimp pa walton!

i have never watched the trailer so i love that suit/car reference. haha thanks for posting