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Anyone know where to find a poster??

Original Title: La Venganza De Los Punks (Vengeance of the Punks)
Year: 1991
Director: Damián Acosta Esparza
Writer: ?
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379574/
Genre: Action/Biker Exploitation

The punks are once again back at their horrific best, terrorizing citizens and stealing all what they need. Following their leader Tarzan, they seek revenge on the cops that put Tarzan away, which in turn pushes one cop over the edge as he begins his hunt for the punks one by one.

Wow. Remember that review I did long ago for Intrepidos Punks? Ahhh memories! For the sequel, take that film and make it completely mean-spirited and there you have Venganza.

That's not completely fair. Actually, this is a better shot, MUCH better told, and slightly better acted film than its predecessor. But it is nasty. If you thought you needed to bathe after Intrepidos, you'll need a douche and an enema after your shower this time.

I kid, I kid.

But not really.

This was a stronger piece of filmmaking overall, with nearly the sleaze of Intrepidos Punks, but was nearly ruined by one major thing. I'll get to that soon.

I liked this film, honestly, despite it leaving me feeling a little dirty at times. Not in the same dirty way as when I watched Intrepidos Punks. You laugh at the absurdity of that all. Roll around a little in the stink knowing it's just gonna wash off in a little while.

Venganza is a different dirty. It's more like a "when one of the actors cried, you may mistake the tears for real ones" kind of way. This one won't wash off quite so easily.

You will be happy to know that our beloved punks have figured out that sex with both parties nekkid works a little better.

That aluminum foil hairdo doesn't quite have the magic of the mohawks of 1980, though.

It may sound weird to say that the violence committed in Intrepidos Punks had some heart. Sure it was filthy, but it was almost presented in a cartoonish sort of way. That heart was removed, chewed up, semi-digested, then shat out in a chunky puddle!

Nothing's really taboo here. You'll see the expected rape and violence via los punks once again, but you'll also be treated to Satanism, animal entrails, women getting hit in the face, whippings, beatings, torture, acid... it's pretty brutal.

You won't see much of the punks laughing and partying in this film. Screaming and crying is more like it. Not even our heroes are happy in this one.

The acting, while better that Intrepidos Punks, is still really bad. Telemundo bad.

El Fantasma is back, sporting several FABULOUS costumes, and he displays a much broader range. Where we were only privy to wrassler-rage before, here we can see him raging, working out, pleading, even deeply thinking!

See? The chin rub lets you know the hamster is running extra fast!

Hmmm... where did I leave my gold codpiece?

He has come home to find his troupe now matured from their punk rock days to more of a GWAR theme. He of course fits right in with all the armor at his disposal.

And he still looks fucking hysterical drinking beers and smoking la mota. through his mask. That's all I really need from him. Although I was sad that his wrestling moves were nowhere to be found. Maybe he was getting to old for such nonsense by this time.

Tarzan's girlfriend/piece of fuck meat this time around is the curvy Olga Rios. I'm having a little trouble remembering what her character's name is (how professional of me), but trust me... it really doesn't matter.

Does she look kinda like Bjork here, or is it just me?

Her big ol' implants look a little silly, especially when striped with red paint BLOOD from the piss being whipped out of her, but good on her for showing off her round dunker for 90% of the film.

Love to see a nice, juicy bottom on display!

Oh, her acting? Um, yeah... um... boobs?

Our other role of note belongs to our friend in law enforcement, Marco. (I have no idea what the actor's name is!) Marco goes absolutely batshit crazy after his family is fucked all to hell at the film's opening. And talk about range! This guy takes the range to the melodramatic extreme!

We go on a marvelous journey of Mr. Coooool...

(I wonder what purpose his shoulder zippers have)

We get a Marco of EXTREME ANGUISH! Look at that crying, ladies and gentlemen.

We get the I want to burn and melt babies and eat their gooey charred remains insane Marco!

All for one low, low admission price.

Now that is acting.

The film kind of hinges on the Marco character, and despite my sarcastic complaining, this over the top acting of his really sets the mood of the film. It is really bad, but you get that creeper crazy mood from it at the same time. It's hilarious how many ways he thinks up to kill off members of the Punks like a middle-aged Latino Rambo. This role and this character's actions are largely what make the film very pessimistic and mean-spirited.

Esparza seems like a much better director and storyteller than his counterpart Guerrero that directed Intrepidos. Not only do we get a cohesive plot, but some near-interesting questions regarding all the violence and how far a man will go. Obviously, these questions are never actually raised, nor do we get much of an answer, but it was a step in the right direction.

The ending, while still attempting a little ambiguity after all is said and done, is a total cop out. I was really wrestling with the idea of spoiling it here, because an element is introduced very late that really frustrated me. I have had some time to reconsider, and I decided not to mention it, but I will say that it is very lazy writing and told me more than anything that the writer just did not know how to finish this brutal, sleazy tale.

The fact that I cared showed that the story was doing at least something right. That's more than I can say for the first movie in this trashy little duo.

La Venganza de los Punks is offensive and mean... maybe even moreso than Intrepidos Punks. You may not leave with as sweet a taste in your mouth after the dirty candy that was Intrepidos.

Score: 6.5 / 10

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